I Want YOU!

Submissions forĀ Tour de FailureĀ are officially OPEN!

I wrote my first post a couple weeks back and have been meditating on the best time to blast this site out to the public. It’s the first day of August, so that seems as good a time as any.

If you have a story of a hilariously bad first date, let the world know. If you got turned down from a job or rejected from your first choice university and can provide a funny or uplifting spin on the letdown, we want to hear about it. If a teacher made fun of you for being a straight-edge in high school, by all means, scream it from the mountaintop (and yeah, that actually did happen to me…post to come, I suppose)!

No matter how the world has wronged you, this is the outlet for it. Whether you’re at the top of your field or still clinging to the bottom rung of the ladder, your story matters. This is a place where you can read humorous remembrances of Failures Past. Where you can feel like you’ve got plenty of time to overcome the rejections, screw-ups, and disappointments that life throws at all of us.

Where you can feel a little less alone.

I can’t wait to read your story.